Membership Information for Salford Heart Care

Salford Heart Care is an independent registered charity. Annual subscriptions from our membership are used to help with the production of newsletters, printing costs, insurance, postage & stationery and office running costs.

Membership Subscriptions waived for 2023/2024:

The Committee recommended that Annual Subscriptions for 2023/24 are waived to help support members during the cost of living crisis. The recommendation was agreed by members at the AGM on 7th November 2023. 

If you are a new member, or you details need updating (change of address, contact details, health conditions etc.), you will need to complete a new membership form each year. This enables us to update our records so we can keep you informed. Download a New Membership form here.

If you are a tax payer and you intend to make donations to Salford Heart Care, please complete the following form:

multiple donations form